How to Send Large File Over the Internet

How to Send Large Files

So many People get struggle to send large files through the internet. Here you can get the best and simple ways to send large files over the internet without paying anything.
So,this article will helps you lot like , how to send large files, how to send without loss your precious data and how to send quickly. Some people spend some amount of money. Email services like Gmail and yahoo provide limited size like 20MB, 25MB respectively.But now it is not a problem any more. we have a solution for this problem. There are many ways to send large files over the internet for free. Here we are sharing the top 3 methods of sharing.

1. How to send large files through Google Drive

In Google Drive upload images, videos, file , and various other files that are important to you. You can start with 15GB of storage, linked to your Google account. So drive keeps your files and you can download them anywhere. You could arrange, modify and share it from any sort of PC at, or on the move with the Drive mobile application. It’s not designed to be a way of sending large files first and foremost, but it offers an easy sharing feature that does the trick, in addition to the Dropbox-like features that come with it.

2. How to send large files using Dropbox

Dropbox is a free solution that allows you deliver your docs, pictures, and video clips anywhere and share them quickly. Dropbox is the most well known cloud service , it is free account based storage and sharing service. You can share files with other Dropbox users(They should have both read/write access to the files) or if they don’t have Dropbox account you can send then a link to merely download the file without needing a Dropbox account. Today, greater than 100 thousand individuals around every continent usage Dropbox to constantly have their things available, share with friends and family, and work with group tasks.So, here you can store 2GB for free and up to 16GB. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad,iPhone,Android, and BlackBerry. It also works in offline mode so you van access your files at anytime.

3. How to send large files via One Drive

One Drive(SkyDrive) is almost Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. You can store 15GB of files in the cloud service, and if you want more you can get 500MB of storage for every friend that signs up to an account through your referral, 15GB for linking to your mobile’s camera roll.You can use it to share files for free. Any file that is stored in OneDrive can be sent to a friend quickly and easily just by pressing the Share button.

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