How to Troubleshoot Your Samsung Phone

Samsung Troubleshoot – Samsung + App

With the latest version of the samsung + app, users can allow a Samsung representative to remotely access their device to troubleshoot and fix software issues — negating the need to visit a service center or look up a help guide. Samsung has started a great initiative to provide their customers with support information, diagnostics tools and app recommendations along with a handy new feature: remote assistance using  Samsung + app.

The feature can be activated during a phone call or video chat with a Samsung support executive. However, it’s only available for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for now; the company says it will expand the service to other devices over the coming weeks.

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How to use Samsung + App :
Open Samsung + App
Click on Samsung + active help option
We can find options like Scan, Search, Call and Video call.
We can diagnose some problems that mobile is facing like battery life issues, CPU utilisation etc. There are some pre-defined problems and solutions are available in the app. You can get them with Search option. If you search for battery life problem, then it’ll lists all the problems related to battery life and how to fix solutions.

With the voice call support, you contact samsung representatives to help you with your problems. They will provide 24/7 support over the call. Or you can even make a video call to them. Finally, Live tech experts are on call to help you. With samsung assist option you can give control to those experts to troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge S8 S8+ S9 S9+ S10 S10+ and same .

Samsung is the first mobile company to start this type of remote control service to its customers. However, if we take overall, Retail market Giant, Amazon also started it in 2013, MayDay live support service that takes over your Kindle Fire to help fix issues with it.

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