Key To Happiness You Really Need to Know

Key To Happiness

Living in the moment is an extremely broad sentence and nearly every person would agree to be living in this very moment if asked. And there will be nothing wrong about affirming the question as everybody of us is living in this very moment physically. Thats an unavoidable law of nature. Nevertheless, living in the moment is only an inalterable characteristic of our body physical, but as soon as we switch our viewpoint from the physical level to the mental level things begin to change completely, in a very intriguing way. Although we’re living physically in this very moment nearly all our thoughts revolve around the past or the future.

The thought of a young person will clearly be focused on the events which will take place in the future no matter if these are imminent events in the next moments or situations that lie several years in the future. The elder, however, may have directed their concentrate on situations from the past, with their thoughts revolving around the things which have already happened. The border between the past and the future is nearly non existent and might be represented with a thin line in the center of two infinite levels, the line symbolizes this very moment the here and now the reality.

The boundaries of the past and future are continuously shifting and with them shifts the present, is not that thought you’ve at this very moment bygone a second later? Something to think about. Apropos thoughts the title of this article wasnt named thoughts in the moment is key to happiness as I intentionally avoided the words thoughts, thinking and the like. The reason why I did this is that it’s not possible for us to think in the moment. This very moment can be seen, experienced and felt, but we can’t think about it, our thoughts simply can’t revolve around the present.

Whenever we start thinking our thoughts get influenced by past experiences, mindsets, attitudes and values, in a nutshell things which are affected by the events we experienced in the past. Thinking is like switching to a fantasy, a virtual reality that’s not existent in this very moment our thoughts don’t exist on a physical level. The past and the future can’t be touched or seen, we can’t experience it and we’re not able to feel what happened in the moment, we only can imagine these virtual realities in our minds. That’s the reason this article was chosen to be about living in the moment. The present is something you can experience, feel and see, which is quite wonderful as it really happens and isn’t just a part of imagined thoughts, hopes or fears. SUMMARY: The past and the future do only exist within your thoughts – Reality is what you experience in this very moment – Your mind and thoughts aren’t part of the present – To date so good.

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