Modern Trends In Technology

The recruitment and staffing industry is the blood for any work force. In earlier times businesses that sought staffing agencies professional services had a challenging time to find the proper group to serve their needs. With leaps in technology that was contemporary and the rise of network, the recruitment and staffing industry was able to implement approaches to achieve business goals and their resource. In published its Global Staffing Trends report for 2017. It is based on 000 manager level 2 and above, search and staffing recruiting professionals. Some of this highlights of this report say doing is a top priority and that firms growth, the search for talent.

Here are a few important points Growth in Staffing Recruitment bureaus are working to keep and optimize their growth. With 68 79% of staffing companies expect to see a rise in applicants. With 83% of staffing companies reporting the average is less than two months, there is now a reduction in time to place. The mood is optimistic among political uncertainty where staffing companies are currently refining their own procedures and utilizing technology to improve efficiency. Social network is becoming the most cost efficient way to build a company’s brand. Measuring the brand’s promotion and development is thru social networking based career web sites like LinkedIn coming out on top, 3rd party web site or on-line job boards ahead of Facebook and Twitter.

Referencing this with the current allocation of recruitment budgets, we see that social network is delivering significant Return on investment for its cost effective to set up and maintain.82% of the top staffing companies agree that investing in brand generates new business, but only ten percent of their spending budget goes to it. Measurement of this brand was reported as: traffic to career website response to emails/ In Mails social network engagement the number of social network followers and survey data on prospective candidates perceptions. Even though recruiters are still focused on traditional methods like business development, there’s a noticeable desire for cost efficient technology that makes candidate sourcing faster and much more efficient. If recruitment agencies had an unlimited spending budget for 2017, the investment could be allocated to increasing the bureaus brand through more business development, better candidate sourcing tools, and new technology/recruitment software .IT and engineering functions would be the top two priorities to set for clients/client requirement for IT and engineering applicants is so much that recruitment companies need to start thinking more on how to assemble recruit from all of these talent pools.

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