What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics? How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate as defined by Google analytics : The percentage of single-page visits (i.e visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce rate is a measure of visit quality and a high bounce rate really indicates that site entrance page is not relevant to your visitors.

In simpler terms, Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other pages on your website. Suppose you shared a post on social media, if people visits that post and left your site without going for any other posts or pages in that website.

If you open your google analytics page, there you will find bounce rate in percentage. Suppose you have 75% bounce rate, then it means 75% of your site visitors are closing your website without going for the second page or post.

How Google Analytics calculates Bounce Rate :

Bounce rate of a webpage = total number of bounces on a page / total number of entrances on the page.

Number of bounces à Number of single page visits

Number of entrances à Total number of visitors visiting that page


Bounce rate of a website = Total number of bounces in all pages of the website / total number of entrants across all pages of that website.

Note : Common misconception among the webmaster is that bounce rate is related to time spent on the page. But the truth is Bounce rate of a webpage or a website has nothing to do with time spent on that particular website or webpage.

What is the ideal bounce rate:


Bounce rate under 25% is considered as the best figure. However it’s okay if it is up to 35% also. But have to concern if is more than 35%. If it exceeds 50% then you’ve to worry about it. You should take care of it. You have follow the below tips to reduce the bounce rate.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

Add internal links in your posts:

If you are writing a series of articles that are interlinked, try to give a link of the next article in that series at the end of the previous article. Suppose you are writing an article on What is bounce rate in Google analytics? If you have other article on How to reduce bounce rate? Then try it give second article link at the end of the first article. It drags people’s attention to view second post also. This interlinking is the best way to reduce your bounce rate.

Focus on loading speed of your website :

If your page loading speed is high, then people will go for their relevant information only. They won’t view the second page if your website is loading slowly. So Follow below mentioned article to Improve your pagespeed insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights – Tips to Improve Website Loading Time

Add Related Posts Widget in your Blog :

Adding Related Posts widget will help you to automatically show the articles that are related to a particular topic. Suppose you are writing an article on SEO, related posts widget will show latest posts that are related to SEO which you’ve written recently. This will helps you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Add articles on the Sidebar :

Website’s sidebar is the best place to attract people. So add your recent posts to the sidebar as we’ve did for our website TechTipsZone. You can include Categories you have, popular posts in your websites etc to your sidebar to drag people’s attention. Most of the visitors may not know about you, so you can add About Us page also to your sidebar. It helps people to know about you, your website and what type of content you provide.

These are some of our observation on reducing the bounce rate. Do you have any of those sort to share.! Please do share your comments. Cheers!

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